13 agosto 2022

Bolivia: EnBus, a new platform for buying bus/train tickets online

Alejandra Pau reports for Pagina Siete:

An enterprise created in Santa Cruz facilitates the purchase of tickets to travel by bus and train in and out of Bolivia from the comfort of a computer or mobile device.

A new Bolivian platform proposes buying tickets online to travel by land, bus or train, from the comfort of the computer or other mobile devices. In this way, people can avoid going to the bus terminals to purchase the tickets and save time.

All you have to do is enter http://www.enbus.com.bo and enter the required information: place of origin and destination, the date of departure and return, depending on the user’s need, and click on the button that says “Search.”

Immediately, a menu of options with schedules and one-way prices appears on the screen; while, in another tab there are the return alternatives, as well as the seats available and the bus or train characteristics of each transport company, which carries out the selected route.

After the election, the traveler must select the mode of payment, which is done with a credit or debit card.

“It is an interdepartmental and international service. We have land transport companies that travel the backbone of the country, go to Uyuni, and we also have two companies that arrive and go to Peru, passing through Puno, Cuzco and Arequipa; and to Argentina touring Buenos Aires, Jujuy, Salta, Tucumán and Córdoba “, explains the co-founder of the EnBus platform, Xiomara Zambrana Hoyos.

In terms of train travel, Ferroviaria Oriental departs from Santa Cruz to pass through San José, Roboré, Puerto Quijarro, Rivero Tórrez, Boyuibe, Charagua, Yacuiba and Villamontes.

So far, this new service works with seven companies: four bus transport, one train transport and two tourism operators, and is open to incorporate new companies.

EnBus is an initiative created in Santa Cruz by Zambrana, Diego Arrázola Mendívil and Jessica Olivares Cerruto.

Filters by price and company

When searching for tickets online, the platform offers filters to see the offer of tickets available by price and transport company. The tariff differences have to do with the schedules; transportation facilities such as bus bed, semi-bed, chemical toilet, WiFi, food; among others.

“The idea is to offer the user all the alternatives so that they do not have to go to the bus terminal and ask for company by company the cost, the timetables and just purchase the ticket. It’s about facilitating the planning of your trip,” explains Zambrana.

There are some companies that in their web pages offer the reservation of tickets and provide information about their itineraries; However, the particularity of EnBus is that it provides alternatives for several companies so that the user can adjust the offers at their convenience, according to the co-founder of the platform.

Once the payment is made, the user almost immediately receives an email with the virtual ticket with all the information about his trip.

The customer can print this voucher to present when he arrives at the bus terminal. However, the transport company will deliver the corresponding ticket to the traveler before boarding.

Another important fact is that tickets purchased on the EnBus platform are not for travel on the same day, they are purchased at least one day in advance. This provision could be modified over time, depending on the demand of the users.

Touristic destinations

In addition to the sale of tickets, on the platform you can explore the tourist destinations that Bolivia has and different ways of visiting them by purchasing packages available from the two tourism operators that joined the project.

“We thought of ways to promote sustainable tourism in the region because we observed that services were very disconnected such as hotels, transportation, to name a few,” Zambrana points out.

It was then that they thought about articulating a platform that is capable of offering multiple offers of tickets and tourist alternatives. This new venture supports its operation by receiving a percentage of the sale of the tickets.

“We want to promote a change in the habits of the people, offering them to save time instead of losing a full morning or afternoon in going to the bus terminal. It is about optimizing the planning of your trips”, concludes Zambrana.

The platform

  • Online The EnBus platform is available at: www.enbus.com.bo and www.entren.com.bo.
  • On the networks The venture is available on Facebook: EnBus Bolivia; on Instagram: enBusBolivia; on Twitter: @EnBusBolivia and LinkedIn: EnBus Bolivia.
  • Blog and questions The platform has a section to resolve user’s frequently asked questions, as well as a blog in which articles that show Bolivia’s tourist attractions will be published.
  • Adding companies EnBus expects more transport companies to join your initiative and join the field of online ticket sales.



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EnBus es una plataforma que ofrece el servicio de compra de pasajes terrestres por internet. Le hacemos la vida más fácil a través de nuestra plataforma de compra segura por internet, ahorrando tiempo, dinero y permitiéndole que organice mejor sus viajes.